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Rainforest Zipline Park

El Yunque Rainforest Zipline Tours in Puerto Rico

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Zipline in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

We offer our unique Rio Grande zipline tour to anyone 8 years old and up, with or without previous experience, with the hope of helping you develop or improve the required skills of the sport while also simply having a great time! There are few better places in the world to take a zipline tour than the beautiful landscape of the Rio Grande and El Yunque National Forest.

We strive to educate guests on the preservation of our forest ecosystems and the wonders of the living nature that surrounds and encompasses us. We love to share the history and mystical enchantment of our island and El Yunque with you. This is an experience that you’re not likely to forget!

We guarantee a memorable ziplining adventure for you and your family here in Puerto Rico. Explore more of our ziplining tour options and plan your next visit to the El Yunque National Forest with Rainforest Zipline. Located 45 minutes from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Top-Rated Zipline Tours In Puerto Rico

Fun for the whole family!

Our entire group of 14 had a great time - kids and adults! It was a great fit for younger kids and adults that hadn't ziplined before. Not as high/long as others I've been on and not as intimidating. Our kids left wanting to go to a bigger/longer one next time! Felt very safe with the team operating each line. Thanks for a great time!

– Shannon H., TripAdvisor
Awesome experience

I would come back again. Will recommend your service and team. Unforgettable experience! Great exercise claiming the stairs to the towers.

– Mayarguero, TripAdvisor
Super fun adventure

The staff were fantastic. Our 12 year old was old enough but I think our 9 year old would have enjoyed it even more if she were a couple years older. All around thrilling family adventure!

– Michelle, TripAdvisor
We had the best time!

The staff was great, we took our kids and their friends and we all had an amazing time! Highly recommend!

– Bridget P., TripAdvisor
El Yunque zip line was great!

I hadn’t zip lined in a while, this one was great. I highly recommend. The orientation was clear, they were well staffed as well.

– Velasco0128, TripAdvisor
What fun!!

The staff was so friendly and kind. You start out nice and easy which gives you a chance to get comfortable. Then you get to the really fun zip lines. Totally recommend!!!

– Tara P., TripAdvisor
Good times!

This zip line plus adventure park was so much fun! The guides were so sweet and funny. They had conversations with you, gave recommendations for food and other activities, and just made us feel so welcome!

– Tiffany M., TripAdvisor
Good people, fun time!

The whole experience was very organized the safe. The gentlemen who assisted us were very friendly and did a great job. We had a lot of fun! Definitely make this part of your vacation!

– kristinvanderpyl77, TripAdvisor
Great Adventure!

The staff was friendly, welcoming and FUN! Had an amazing time learning to zip line on their 8 lines. Saw some great views and made even better memories. Highly recommend 👍🏼

– Laura P., TripAdvisor
Perfect Way To Experience The Rain Forest!

The owners and employees of this zipline park were so gracious, helpful, and the love and passion they have for their forest is wonderful and contagious!

– Jay P., TripAdvisor
Beautiful Site. Great staff.

My wife and I did the zip line tour with our 15-year-old daughter in January 2019. The location is beautiful. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. I thought the way they have the course setup, working you up from short simple runs to longer and more complex ones were very smart.

– Jackson F., TripAdvisor
Flying High - El Yunque Rain Forest via Zipline!

Three adventuresome 18 yr old ladies - daughter and two chums- report they had the 'time of their lives.'We parents, who remained earthbound, were impressed by the care and vigilance of the four-member crew. They took things nice and easy, building the girls up to a 1/2 mile long zip above the Rain Forest.

– Jayne O., TripAdvisor