About Us

Who We Are

We are a highly motivated team with a love for the zip line sport and promoting the conservation and appreciation of nature (Mother Earth). Our priority is to offer a zip line experience surrounded by the beauty of nature in a secure environment.

We hope to provide the opportunity to help our guests develop or improve the required skills to perform zip line activities by offering our guided two hour zip line experience and different experiences at the same place: open/close spaces, high/slow speeds, ground to high, high to high, and high to ground lines.

Why Trust Us

There is a daily revision of all systems before starting activities. Our facilities have five high platforms with a height approximately 30 feet from the ground and three low platforms at the end of runs. The latter are no more than 4 feet above the ground. These platforms were designed by master craftsman Hector Alvarez, knowledgeable craftsman of trees, wood and their applications with over 25 years experience and certified by the Economic Development Company. The construction was performed by skilled workers under the supervision of the system’s designer and engineer. Alvarez is also a member of ACCT, the Association for Challenge Course Technology.

The ecological design is one that adapts to the topography and shape of the trees that host it. Basically these platforms add their structure to the strength of the tree, creating a symbiotic relationship which protects the tree from the impact, allowing for long-term use.

What We Do For You

To assist the user we have a team of five people properly trained in handling systems or certified in First Aid (SFA) and CPR. These resources will assist users at all times during the activity. The zip line crew will receive participants on each of the platforms, will help the user to change direction by changing the connection to the other zip line cable and will assure the user is secure for the other zip line travel section.

Our business is to guide groups of 32 people each in the zip line activity, providing them the appropriate equipment. The zip line activity will last two hours per group.