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Adventure Trail

Quick Details

Adult Ages 16+
Child Ages 8-15

Have an Adventure Inside the Forest!

Adventure Trail is a totally different experience. Participants will have an adventure inside the forest where they enjoy different activities such as hanging bridges, rappelling, hiking on different trails, and two innovative attractions called Surfing in the jungle and Tarzan’s swing.

The first adventure is a suspension bridge, Wiggly Bridge. It is a bridge about 2 meters detached from the floor and about 10 meters long. A guide will be connecting the participants and another will wait for them at the other end to disconnect them.

The second adventure is Luquiyo Bridge. This adventure consists of another suspension bridge approximately 60 feet long (20 meters). It starts from the ground 1 meter from the floor and on the other side of the bridge reaches a height of 15 feet (3 meters).

The third adventure is Descent or Belay, which consists of lowering each participant from the platform to the ground. They will go down from about 15 feet high.

The fourth adventure is Surfing the Jungle, which consists of a trolley system that slides from one platform to another. The route is 15 meters long and 2 meters high. Go at controlled speed.

The fifth adventure, Tarzan Swing, consists of 2 platforms, one at the highest exit (at the top of the hill), towards the platform at the lower place in swing movement where the guide receives it.

Between each activity the participants will walk in beautiful paths surrounded by the flora and fauna of our Isla del Encanto.

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