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COVID-19 Protection Plan Guides

Rainforest Zipline Park

For your safety and our employees’ safety, these are the new rules to be followed:

Complete the reservation process online

  • Reservation
  • Payment
  • Sign of Waiver Release

Wear a mask, it is a must

Wash your hands with water and soap or with hand sanitizer

  • Before and after the experience
  • After use of bathrooms
  • When you touch common use areas

Maintain 6’ distance from previous group and from any person that is not from your group

Body temperature will be taken to each participant upon arrival at our facilities

  • People with 100.4F (38C) or more cannot participate, shall leave the facilities, contact your doctor immediately and follow his/her instructions

Movement of groups will be by stations. You and/or your group will not enter a station until the last person of the previous group leave the station.

  • Station #1 Parking – You will be assigned a group number, wear a mask when you leave the car (if you do not have, call us immediately to check if you can buy one at our facilities)
  • Station #2 Check Point – Verify reservation and temperature will be taken
  • Station #3 Bathroom and Wash your hands
  • Station #4 Gear and Personal Protection Equipment
  • Station #5 Scan the Gear
  • Station #6 Water and Wait for the bus
  • Station #7 Wait for the bus (after line #8)
  • Station #8 Wash Station

IF you have COVID-19 SYMPTOMS, if you have been in contact with people diagnosed with COVID-19 or, if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please do not come to our facilities. You shall maintain in your house or the place where you are staying, call your doctor for advice and follow his/her instructions